SLR At The Sebring Majors Jan 14th Proved To Be An Eventful Race


Sebring Majors Jan 14 tuned out to be a little more exciting than usual for SLR driver Steve Murray. After a rocky start due to less than ideal qualifying results , Steve pushed his SCCA stock Miata to the limit and gained 17 spots on a field of competitive drivers from around the nation.

The win was not to be however when the steering on Steve’s car was disabled after a breaking a joint sending the car into the wall hard.

Steve was uninjured in the crash but his chances of competing further in the race were over as the damaged Miata needed substantial repairs before getting back on the track.

Steve had this to say about the race, “despite a poor qualifying run SLR was on track to have a great finish. Moving up 17 spots against these talented drivers was a great achievement in the race and I can’t help but wonder how things would have gone without the crash. But that’s part of racing, the challenges can come from many directions and this time it was mechanical failure. We are focused on getting our car back in racing form and getting back on the track for the next race.”

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